Sunday, December 15, 2013

Social HotSpot Grows Your Fan Base on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

Social HotSpot Grows Your Fan Base 
Offer free Wi-Fi to your customers who log in using their social media sign-ons.   Consumers love free wi-fi!   If you are a restaurant, tavern, doctors office or auto repair shop - anyplace where customers are spending time online, Social HotSpot allows you to offer a valuable free service that helps you grow your social media fan base.  

Why Grow Your Social Fan Base?    Social Media is the most convenient, fastest and affordable way for Merchants to stay connected to their best customers, driving repeat and referral business.   If you believe in the Shop Local concept, then Social Media is the best way to stay top of mind with local consumers who already love your business.  

In store poster promotes your hotspot
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Guarantee Digital Job Opportunities in Web Design, Social Media, Online Sales

Looking for a New Direction in 2014?   Guarantee Digital is hiring.   We're looking for top notch web designers, content creators who know SEO, Social Media Experts and Digital Media Consultants who want to represent the best set of digital products in the market.    To find out more about Guarantee Digital and our job opportunities, visit

Monday, November 18, 2013

Digital Services for Main Street Merchants

Guarantee Digital focuses on 3 Key Areas of Digital Marketing to make sure our Clients connect with potential new clients as well as drive repeat and referral business from the customers they already have.  

1.  Make sure you Get Found by Consumers Actively Searching Online for your products & Services on leading sites like Google.   Our optimization tactics help achieve high visibility in search and our custom responsive web design ensures you look good on desktop, tablet and Smart Phone.   Our Reputation Management program provides real time alerts to ratings and reviews and best practices for responding.  

2.  Leverage Social Media Best Practices to Drive More Repeat and Referral Business from existing clients. We offer hands free Social Media Management & Promotions to grow your fans, & followers so you can focus on running your business.  Add email marketing, SEO blog articles and text marketing to round out a complete content marketing strategy.   Fresh properly optimized content and your "Social Signals" play an important role in getting found online. 

3.  Leverage Precise Target Capabilities to reach Consumers Most Likely to be interested in your Products & Services.   Featuring Search and Site Retargeting, Custom Audience Networks, Email Marketing, Geo Targeted Video, Mobile GEO fencing and Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.   Reduce the waste in your advertising by only buying target audiences most likely to be interested in your products and services.  

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